One of the most difficult and persistent problems in the trucking industry is increasing driver fleet size. Recruiting drivers has changed dramatically in recent years. Prelipp Consulting has a strong track record of success in developing highly effective recruiting departments.

Steve Prelipp has lead recruiting departments at leading trucking companies including Schneider National and Heartland Express. He also has worked with companies on this issue as a consultant the past 18 years.

Highly effective recruiting departments need to do many things well. Prelipp Consulting knows current best practices and how to put these in place in your company. He has direct and substantial experience in implementing

  1. Effective advertising
  2. Hiring and training good recruiters
  3. Using an applicant management system sell and to measure results
  4. Using current technology to connect with how applicants look for jobs today
  5. Implementing daily management processes to translate leads into hires
  6. Managing a recruiting department for success

The consulting and implementation is done in both a strategic and tactical way. This results in a high quality strategy that is implemented in a practical way that gets serious results. To learn more, contact us.